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Research Institute

    Shandong Xianyuan Chemical Institute as a blend of research and industry application belongs to Shandong Xianyuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. It has twenty professional researchers, including seven senior engineers, nine engineers and five researchers that have postgraduate diploma. 

    Shandong Xianyuan Chemical Institute focuses on developing advanced and high value-added products, such as, various content SBR latex for emulsion asphalt modifier, various SBR granule, SBR powder, styrene-butadiene block copolymer(SBS)/SBR road modified asphalt, rubber powder modified asphalt, high viscosity and elasticity modified asphalt, promotion of  road asphalt, non-curable bituminous waterproof coating, Self-adhering waterproof membrane, SBS modified bituminous waterproof sheet, spraying quick-setting asphalt waterproof sheet, polymer cement(JS) waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating and supporting services, etc.

    Shandong Xianyuan Chemical Institute has many Technical monopolies of SBR and product application with the support of professional research team and advanced facility, and it provides powerful technical support for making Xianyuan Technology to become a leading styrene-butadiene rubber modifier company.


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